Pinegrow 7.04 Mac M1 crashing very regularly. Anyone else?

The app doesn’t quit or anything. Just seems to lock up and become unresponsive. Not really sure how to report or send logs other than just raising something that I’ve been experiencing lately.

Anyone else?

Nope. I use it on M1 almost every day, and I’m pretty sure that’s what Matjaz develops on.

Have you tried clearing your Library preferences on macOS?
/Users/{{username}}/Library/Application Support/Pinegrow

I’ve not tried anything. Not known where to even start. I’ll try this. Just delete the entire contents of the folder?

Hint: A good way to report and find solutions is also to contact the support :slight_smile:

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I’d start with @Emmanuel’s suggestion :wink:

But FYI, clearing out (or, better yet, renaming) the product or vendor folders in application support is a great way to reset settings, clear crap, or otherwise troubleshoot a misbehaving application for most macOS apps. Just be aware that you might need to re-create your settings or re-apply licenses to any app you’ve done that to.

Thanks @Emmanuel.

Of course. I’d rather discuss in the forum with users first for a few reasons.

  • Oftentimes a quicker response (generally. Not specific to Pinegrow)
  • for reasons that can be seen above. Verifying it’s an actual bug before creating a bug case/ticket
  • visibility in case others experienced and they can solve it themselves if they encounter

Generally, I’d use a public forum in almost all cases so that others can learn and discuss things rather than putting pressure on a support team. You have the #bug tag after all…


@fakesamgregory does this happen with a specific project or in general?

I’m only working on one project. I actually have a feeling my computer is just running out of RAM because I’m low on storage. It didn’t happen at all yesterday but I’ll keep this post updated if I encounter again.


I cleared my Application Support as @adamslowe suggested, my RAM load is only 21% and HD space is at 249GB. Everything seems ‘healthy’ and I’ve had 2 crashes today.

This sucks and I’m at a loss.

@matjaz this is the same project as before but it takes quite a while for it to freeze up so i’m not in a position to work on another project for such a long time to test if it’s freezing. Maybe when the heat is off a bit.

I wish I had other things for you to try, but I’m kind of at a loss. I’ve been spending 6-10 hours in Pinegrow every day for a while (both macOS and Windows) and have actually never come across crashes like this. I’ve had other things happen, like projects misbehaving after being open for a while, but the core program has not crashed on me.

Maybe @matjaz or @Emmanuel have some insight into how you can generate some logs for them to peek into?

It might be worth checking some of the NWJS forums to see if there are any similarities between what you are seeing and what other NWJS users have found. (Since Pinegrow is built on top of NWJS) For example, this article is one of many on their forums. I have no idea whether it applies to your situation or not, though…
NW.js crashes several times on macOS Big Sur · Issue #7684 · nwjs/nw.js (

@fakesamgregory A first point, so far, for the support team, this feedback about the Mac M1/M2 versions is the first of its kind.

To be able to help, we need to know more about:

  • The project (possible to send it to the support team ?)
  • The workflow (all apps and scripts used in conjunction with Pinegrow)
  • The state of the Mac’s resources at the time of use and at the time the problem was encountered
  • A hardware checkup (RAM for example)

And, at the risk of paraphrasing myself, we could continue to exchange through the support for more confidentiality (for the project for example) etc…

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I’ve actually been having good luck recently. I can’t for the life of me pin down what I was running or whether I was doing anything other than basic styling.

I’ll pick this up if things start crashing again but there was no consistency from what I can see.