Anyone else struggling with major lag in the Mac app?

I have an M1 Pro 16" MacBook Pro with 32GB memory. I would expect it to crush the Pinegrow app for Mac but I’m experiencing very frequent lockups, especially when opening new .HTML pages that contain blocks for my WP plugin project.

The sections are styled with Tailwind and hooked up to WP blocks and attributes. Activity Monitor is showing mostly unused CPU and RAM. These freezes are driving me nuts.

@Bryn is this happening on a specific project or in general? Are you using an M1/2 Pinegrow? Do lockups happen on non-Tailwind projects?

I only have one large Pinegrow project, so it’s hard to say if specific to one project. I have an M1 Pro machine, and yes I did install the M1/2 version of Pinegrow desktop. Can’t comment about non-Tailwind projects I’m afraid.

The lockups can get pretty bad. Been driving me nuts today. It’s hardly a mega project. Around 40-50 Tailwind blocks, across 9 or 10 pages that are all set to not export, and it’s a plugin project rather than a theme. All hybrid blocks with blocks, attributes, inner blocks etc. set up for all blocks.

@Bryn thanks for the followup. If possible, please send the full project to so that we can investigate.

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