Pinegrow and WSL Use Case

I’ve seen a few posts where people were talking about trying to get Pinegrow running under WSL. I’m genuinely curious about what the use case is that would require it. This is more out of curiosity and questioning my own dev environment than anything else since Pinegrow only officially supports Windows (*native), macOS, and Ubuntu.

Am I missing out on something that everyone but me knows about?

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Circling back on this… I suspect that some people are using docker in Windows, which by default, runs the engine in WSL. Since WSL files live in WSL’s filesystem and are not generally accessible from other Windows applications they may be trying to run Linux Pinegrow inside WSL as well.

If this is the case, can’t you just map a drive to the WSL Linux filesystem and access your project through Pinegrow that way? I just tried it on my machine and was able to work with a Pinegow project in my WSL user directory.

Again, maybe I’m completely missing something here… I use VMware more than WSL.

Thanks @adamslowe.

For everyone in our community, you can remotely access the internal web/socket server of both Pinegrow or Vue Designer (from v1.2) by adding the ip-address or hostname of your machine (in your local network) via Settings.

This is mostly required in Vue Designer when using a WSL setup where the project lives in a remote disk that’s mounted locally (as described in the above post by Adam) with the Vite dev-server running in this remote machine (accessed & started via terminal).

More info: Troubleshooting | Pinegrow Web Editor

Thank you!

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