Accessing projects on Linux side of WSL from Windows Pinegrow.exe

My current Windows 10 dev setup uses Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) in command line mode; I don’t run an X11 server. Visual Studio Code works well as an IDE for projects in the Linux directories. Pinegrow throws an error:
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File was not found
The file file://wsl%24/Ubuntu-20.04/home/myID/devel/websites/aWebsite/index.html could not be read. The error reported was Error: UNKNOWN: unknown error, stat ‘\wsl%24\Ubuntu-20.04\home\myID\devel\websites\aWebsite\index.html’.

Reasons for the file not being found could be:

Pinegrow doesn’t have permissions to access the file.
The file is located on a network share with strange access path (tell us if that’s the case)
Using semicolons ;, ? or # in file path is not supported.
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Any chance this is a trivial problem for you to fix? (The “%24” in “wsl%24” above looks like the problem to me … wsl$ is the usual pathing.) While there are obvious workarounds, it would be very convenient for Pinegrow to work like VSC and emacs in this hybrid mode.

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