Pinegrow for Wordpress - Which CSS Framework to Choose?

Pinegrow newbie here, reading and reading in preparation to try my hand at building a Wordpress theme. Today I am looking at Pinegrow for the Mac desktop, thinking to export my work and import the resulting files into Wordpress and the Pinegrow plugin whenever the time seems right.

I’m thinking this way in order to get familiar with Pinegrow on the desktop, which I purchased in order to make CSS grids more easily for hand-coded static web pages.

In the new Project window of the dekstop Pinegrow we choose between plain html, tailwind CSS or flavors of Bootstrap. I have two questions for a kindly experience user:

  1. If I choose HTML will Pinegrow automatically add CSS as needed? (I imagine it does.)

  2. Does Wordpress favor SASS, Bootstrap, or another framework, or does the fact that I am using the Pinegrow plugin mean that whatever framework I select will result in a Wordpress-kosher theme?

I may be overthinking matters here while missing the focus I should have, but if possible I’d like my trial theme to be easily digestible for my Wordpress instance on Bluehost.

Thanks to any who take my cause to heart!

Sincerely, Glen

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  1. Whichever option you choose (not only HTML but also Bootstrap, tailwind, etc) you can add or remove .css files at any time. With each page you create, pinegrow automatically generates and links a style.css file to the page (if I remember correctly, I don’t want to say the wrong thing). Here is a fairly clear guide on how pinegrow handles page styles.
  2. WordPress doesn’t care what you use. It’s your choice what technologies you want to use in the frontend. Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to evaluate, based on the project, what you are most comfortable choosing for development.

Before you dive into developing your WordPress theme, I recommend you read all the documentation on Pinegrow thoroughly, to better understand how it works, what you can and cannot do with it. And before that, I also recommend you look at the WordPress documentation on how themes work behind the scenes.

To get started, you might also to take a look at the “starter” theme made by the Pinegrow team.

It seems Bootstrap just plays nicer with wordpress.