Pinegrow is the One!

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It must have been. Shortly after the announcement of Pinegrow 4 was posted on that forum, it disappeared.

:smile: Did they decide it was in fact what they were looking for, that the search was over, all chose Pinegrow and closed their forum ? But on a serious note, what happened to that place, anyone know?

Yep. its still not up, but my browser tells me that its connected to, but then fails to download the content as it says the page is not secure - and is httpS://,
so my guess is their SSL, https security certificate has expired.dissapeared or fudged something
or something else.
but I think it might be something along those lines

and oddly enough, google returns ZERO results for the search term

Its never been back since it went down, it has remained completely down for everyone.

co is DOWN for everyone

The domain still shows registered and active via a whois search. It’s not just the SSL, rather a configuration issue with the domain or the Discourse install. Whomever was heading it up is either no longer involved or cant be reached, or lost their login. :grin:

@ngenty posted on the Slack Channel back in June, perhaps he would know? I think he may have been in charge over there?

Seems really strange regardless, too just suddenly disappear like it did.

Cockatoos-Forum ( For internet prosperity ).

Maybe they were using the site for crypto mining, made a fortune, shut it down and retired. :joy: