House?.... Luminous Pinecone?

ok! so WHO did that>?

you know up there…on the left?.. yeah top left. where it says
Pinegrow Support Forum

There’s a HOUSE NOW!
Real estate…
Thieved our…

its GONE it is… nooooo


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  • Are the aliens coming…
  • Stolen by someone from the competition that is jealous…
  • Kidnapped for ransom money…
  • Revenge from someone whose license has expired recently…
  • Or maybe was it Benjamin (Matjaz’s son), with an early april fools’ joke…

Okay people, if it’s stolen they maybe try to sell it somewhere!
Keep an eye on the Black Market, Ebay and your local pawn shop.

If you see something suspicious, let us know. But watch out and be careful !!!
I certainly can’t sleep now, till it’s back.

(@matjaz Sorry Ben, if it wasn’t you !!! )


My Pack of wild, ravenous PineHounds are on it!
… like a tramp on chips they are!

The little “friendly” PineHounds :bone: :dog::dog::dog: :bone: from @schpengle, still didn’t catch the thief! The Pinegrow logo is still missing here on the forum.

Or is the house icon a clue, and was it an inside job… :thinking:
@matjaz @Emmanuel

HI! yes! I have been putting some thought into pine hounds… and god! the wait is killing me…

5…five… FIVE!!!

so, PineCulture… to kill some five, er TIME! yes , kill some time…

Numbers numbers everywhere, but not the 5 to drink… (kind of “The Ancient Mariner”)

Fivio, Fivio… Where for art thou Fivio!
(really not very funny if you don’t know old English/Shakespeare/Romeo and Juliet)…

Round and Round the Garden…
Like a WebbyBear,
a one step a two step
but where’s the bloody five step…

oh the suspense is killing me… oh hang on, scratching at the door
I think the PineHouds want out…mmm I wonder if they can smell something…

Not me, I took a shower.

Yes, it’s exciting !!!
I’m curious what “Focus on…” mode, shall bring us.

probably this


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Ta da!!!

Pinehounds! IN party hats…
See? I told you to keep the finger paints away from me

Very creative, worth more than a Banksy!
Let the party begin… :partying_face:

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Why! Thank You, Mr Marf!


Don’t know when this happened, but the beloved Pinecone Icon seems to be back in the top bar.
It looks great, really nice that it’s back!

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