Pinegrow maybe faster than Dreamweaver but

I like the look of Pinegrow and how fast it is when compared to Dreamweaver. However, Im experiencing odd behavior or rather strange ways to edit, create functionalities to create the perfect replacement.

Here are some of my top requests:

  1. Allow the creation of HTML Snippets and Saving in the Library by highlighting the code in the code editor and right clicking to get a contextual menu to save out snippet to library with “untitled” highlighted name of the snippet and rename on the fly when saving the entry.

1 a. Byspass your “global” snippet save entry to the library without the needing to save it again which is a useless step. This is where dreamweaver shines.

  1. Allow the snippets to be clicked on when in the code editor to fill in the snippet code bypassing “dom” tree insertion, since Im aware where exactly I need to place the code snippet within the code structure right within the code editor.

  2. Removing code from the code editor is a bit sluggish and at times gives me an odd error with this weird message “Can’t select element at runtime”?

  3. Saving/Preserving the Workspace when exiting the app and opening it.

  4. The parent classes are not being highlighted when clicking on the WYSYWIG editor and seen in the code editor, where as in dreamweaver it works properly.

Im on MacOS Monterey.

Thank you.

Does Dreamveaver still exists?

Hi @PeteB,
Thanks for the suggestions. Just an FYI - there is also a forum topic for “Feature Requests”.

With respect to point 3, This error occurs if you have Javascript created elements typically. You can speed up editing and get rid of this message by toggling Javascript off using the JS button in the top bar.

With respect to point 4 - Pinegrow should mostly already be doing this. The only workspace preference it does not automatically save is any detached windows. Depending on the type of detached panel, it may save the layout automatically, but usually not - this is out of our control and due to NWJS. The solution for this is to save your workspace layout and then select it after app restart. An extra step, but likely quicker than having to set it all up again.

With respect to point 5 - could you share a screenshot of the desired behavior?