Pinegrow page builder for wordpress?


I was wondering to build wp theme on Pinegrow and did not need divi or elemental, save on Pinegrow and that’s it. What is missing ?, Pinegrow is much more advanced than page builders and it would not be degrading to have a system of drag and drop since most who use wp, also uses a page builder …
I was wondering …


You’ll need to have firsthand understanding of Bootstrap (or Foundation) in order to build a fully featured theme using Pinegrow. Page builders abstract away from the actual classes and let you configure presentation using their interface.


@kaleu it’s not that you need an understanding of Bootstrap or Foundation but HTML and Wordpress. Wordpress Codex is an invaluable tool that will help you maximise the power of Pinegrow. If you can use HTML + understand Wordpress then Pinegrow will speed upend simplify your workflow.