Pinegrow Tutorial

Please provide more tutorials or video tutorials from the start of html design using pinegrow without wordpress, so in my opinion it is more important to design with an ordinary html basis accompanied by the use of Tailwind CSS or bootstrap from the beginning of a project or a new project.

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Hi @XJVW :slight_smile:

It is a great idea, and we wanted to do that often, but when trying to start we get stuck on questions such as:

  • How complex the project should be (one pager, a website…)?
  • Build process differes quite a lot based on which framework is used (Bootstrap, Tailwind, none…)? What to choose?
  • What level of knowladge should be assumed (HTML, CSS, frameworks…) or should we explain that as well?

The result is some kind of a decision paralasys, and nothing gets done :slight_smile: Maybe we are just overthinking it. Would appreciate community’s input on this.

Btw. We do have a bunch of tutorials, starting at explaining HTML and CSS to building a website on Might be interesting for those who are young at heart :wink:

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…It looks like Ive finally found My People… sigh…

And… Im so rusty at all this now… Planet Zootata… here i come.
I’m not proud, me.

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Oh well, I checked out the htmlplanet for kids site.
I like it BUT
only got to do the first 10 lessons on trial mode.
so, not terribly helpful for a documentation/tutorial site.
And I spent a bit of that debugging the lessons :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need to rest checking out, let me know :smiley:
…mmmm… more dragons brains with added bubbles… ScHLUrrP!

And, having said that I did realise that I was doing the interface way of adding a link wrong!
I was using the attribute edit on the interface to add a link to text, not the text edit blue pop up menu with the add link icon.

Every days a school day.

I may just get back into this a bit.