@pinegrow/vite-plugin - Official?

I stumbled across @pinegrow/vite-plugin. It has no documentation and I’m wondering if it’s official?

I’m trying to bundle my JavaScript with Vite and while I’m still understanding what it’s doing and ES Modules in general, I can’t help but feel like Pinegrow is getting in the way somewhere.

Anyone else had any luck with a JavaScript bundler and Pinegrow that’s NOT Webpack?

Hi @fakesamgregory,

That npm package is part of the Vue integration we are working on.

You don’t require that for your usual JS bundling when using Vite. Here is a related thread :smiley:

Thanks. I’ll look into Lib mode. I was going to ask how you got it working with other libraries.

On another note, does the Pinegrow team know you’re occupying @pinegrow name space on NPM? Normally this is reserved for official packages to help the community. It could be misleading!

Yes, it is the official account, Im collaborating with Matjaz on these!

This package is not for public usage yet as indicated by the alpha/beta flag on it.

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This is what I am really looking forward to. Any idea of the timeframe for a release? I use WordPress, but what I think pinegrow needs is a more modern dev tool / framework, and Vue is an excellent choice. :smile:

Yes, we are working closely with @Akayy on integrating Pinegrow into a vite-based workflow (VUE at first).