Pinegrow with Woocommerce

I spent time researching and reading about pinegrow and woocommerce since the currency value conversion is expensive for me.

Half time of what I read usually people say pinegrow has issues with woocommerce. So, I am wondering is it really useful for me to purchase for woocommerce theme development?

The only thing is need is probably 4-5 pages for woocommerce.
1.) Home page (1 wide banner + 4 banner grid of categories including details below and responsive menu above)
2.) Responsive product page with grids display of products
3.) Product details page like the typical ecommerce shopping on Amazon site with description, extra details and item variable options to choose including reviews at bottom
4.) Product cart and check out page

Note: I may want to use together with Underscores as starter theme. Also, I only know basic of Html and css. Wondering if pinegrow really suits for my needs now. If yes, which plan?

Please do guide me as I made it clear i am quite new in these too, especially it is quite a costly price as the currency value difference.

Thank you.

EDIT: I can see tons of Wordpress thread here are so empty and not answered. Sounds like a dead forum to me? Woocommerce thread as well are very few thread and nothing in any slight details. I am not sure anymore but sounds like Pinegrow isn’t for woocommerce afterall? :confused:

Have you read these, seems doable:

How to add WooCommerce support to your WordPress themes created with Pinegrow ?
Convert HTML to Woocommerce issue

Sadly the activity here ebbs and flows greatly. There is a Slack community and again sadly those people/users as a whole don’t seem to want to translate participation to here on the forum. At least it seems as there seems to be more constant activity there.

I too wish the forum community was more involved and active overall.

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For now pinegrow sucks with woocommerce but I hope version 3 does a better job when it comes to woo.
Woocommerce is such big part of wordpress so I really think pinegrow should make something so we can easily style woo.

I hope Pinegrow 3 will handle woocommerce much better and support multi monitors since the current UI sucks big time ,beside that Pinegrow is really good.

Never tried, but based upon those links above it seems possible at least for @Emmanuel and @itsmeleo, etc What are the common issues people are having with implementation and usage?

Based upon your 1,2,3,4 development requirements above …

Perhaps Wordpress is not the best to start with, and other E-commerce options would be better suited? Maybe things like Shopify, Ecwid, FastSpring, Square, Selz, and the various E-commerce solutions provided by them. Perhaps those or similar would offer easier integrations and setup for the needs listed?

pinegrow is basically a frontend designing platform, but it also support that you can export WordPress theme, and as far as template for any Plugin like Woocommerce in your example you have to do it manually using Pinegrow or using any other Text Editor, I’m thinking to build a tutorial on it how to setup woocommerce template properly using Pinegrow, this tutorial is on the way
meantime you can join and subscribe to our channel on youtube Perfect Web Solutions on Youtube
Thank You!

Sure it’s possible but it’s far from easy.
The whole point with pinegrow is to speed up your workflow with easy element selection and styling of the various parts.
However with woocommerce you are not able to style it inside pinegrow because it’s not showing correct because pinegrow is not importing the css so the woo elements are unstyled inside pinegrow.

I use other softwares that work in the same way as pinegrow but then with the option to style woocommerce just like you are styling the other wordpress elements in pinegrow.The other software I use is importing the woo css and when I export the theme it is overriding the woo styling.

Itsmeleo I have watched your tutorials and I keep checking for new ones on a regular basis however you should make more in English and not hindi,lol :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m making tutorials in English / Urdu / Hindi as i get the request from different users but as far as pinegrow is concern i make all tutorial in NO VOICE or will be in English with VOICE

Thank You!

@beatngu Ok, well that makes more sense, and yes does not sound pleasant if thats the case.

Curious which ones are those?

Thanks for the replies, guys. Looks like I will have to use normal text editor for Woocommerce then since Pinegrow has nothing much for this Woocommerce.

Which software please?


I have done various sites in the past with Woocommerce and I have always found that they go together well Unless you need to develop your own themes why not just use a theme like Divi or one of Woocommerce’s own and use the plugin with that? Save you the hassle and time of developing from scratch. With Divi (or Elementor or Beaver Builder for that matter) mean you can customise themes easily as well if you want to avoid the site looking like every other Woocommerce site.

How do those page builder work in terms of stability? Aren’t those drag drop thing always bloated, messy codes and bad SEO? I am thinking of long run especially maybe have less conflict with plugins later on.

You are affiliate with those sites, aren’t you?


They are, in my experience, very stable. As to the future, who can say for sure with anything. A plugin that is stable today may one date crash your site because its developer has stopped work on it.

BTW I am not an affiliate for any of these (hence the lack of any affiliate link in my post!).

Why not give them a try? I recommend a freebie too for web development - Local by Flywheel. You can get it for free, use it for free and don’t have to sign up to any of their WP Hosting packages. Once again, to be clear, I am not an affiliate.

By using local it’s easy, I find (I am no developer/coder btw) to try plugins etc without going live on the net.


Thanks for mentioning that, I was aware of the others you mentioned by had never seen this. :thumbsup:

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Not sure if i should advertise other softwares on the forum.
I have owned the software for about 4 years however I bought pinegrow to get away from it.
Like most drag and drop builders it make a very messy code and with a lot of bloat and that’s the reason I bought pinegrow.

There are also a lot of magic happening in the back of this software and that result in it is impossible to edit anything you create in it outside it with a tool such as pinegrow.
The support and bug fixes are also horrible so I do not recommend buying it.

In my eyes the only thing pinegrow need to be the perfect tool is a better way of handeling woo and to be able to use multi monitors.(Now it is horrible, something like the docking abilities of visual studio would be awesome)

Hi there. I have used Pinegrow extensively to create my website, and also to incorporate a custom theme along with Woocommerce in Wordpress.

I have used the simple approach of using a single page (explained in the earlier PG WP documentation) rather than making separate page types for each aspect of WooCommerce. But if you visit my website at then you will see that it behaves exactly as it should. Responsive and it works because people are using it.

Hope that helps give you a little more trust in what Pinegrow can accomplish.

All the best,
Roland K. :slight_smile:

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@rolandk, truly as enlightened as you look.:thinking:

Thanks for checking out my courses at and leaving a comment, kaleu. :slight_smile: Hope you saw the coupon at the end of the free course, in case you want to dig deeper.

But yeah, structurally, the whole thing was done using Pinegrow 2 as my main app.

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Doesn’t the wp starter theme for pinegrow support woo commerce?

There is indeed a basic integration of WooCommerce with the Starter Theme.