Pinegrow WP / Elementor Workflow

I understand the key value propositions for both Pinegrow WP and Elementor. I would like to leverage both tools in my WordPress web site development workflow. Here’s is a thought, and any feedback is most welcome.

Elementor provides a very user-friendly GUI for laying out web pages. This is not a knock against Pinegrow, as it, too, has a very deep feature set for this very purpose. However, Elementor is more intuitive. Suppose I quickly mock up my web page design with Elementor, perhaps taking it as far as possible with the free version. Next, I pull in various HTML pages for the Elementor-developed web site into Pinegrow WP and leverage its capability (a) to refine the site’s structure and/or CSS and, most importantly, (b) to apply WordPress actions to the various pages and create a custom theme.

True, this may not be the most efficient workflow, but it allows me to use these exceptional tools in a manner that matches my development style. Other than this being a somewhat convoluted workflow, does anyone see major pitfalls with this approach?

I use neither Elementor or Wordpress, but the workflow that gets your bills paid is always a viable workflow IMO.