Please Help! Hide extension name not possible htaccess file not visible


Today I’m learning a client to work with Pinegrow as a CMS and encountered a other problem.

Usually I work with a htaccess file to exclude the extension from HTML or PHP from the web pages so you can use nice links in the website without ending on HTML or PHP.

I noticed that the htaccess file is not even visible! Nor working (of course no real server).

So how do I go a head with a website that has to be without extension names HTML or PHP. I can’t simply remove the extensions and add them when I want to change the website. That’s unworkable!

This is a big problem, because no professional website is showing extension names at the end of their links.

I tried to work with links without the HTML extension in Pinegrow and didn’t get it working.

Please some help!



Not sure if this is your problem but normally htaccess file is hidden and you have to enable show hidden files before you can see it and edit it.

Hi @AllMediaLab,
What behavior would you like Pinegrow to have in this instance. The .htaccess file will have to be edited in a code editor like VSCode. As you said, without a router running the .htaccess isn’t going to redirect.


Hi Bob,

I would like to see some real server behaviour so the client that is using the Pinegrow CMS is not forced to use a local server when using a html extension-less website for editing (most common situation in Pro web design!). And secondly it would be nice if sftp upload to the server was possible from within Pinegrow. It’s silly that a client that is using Pinegrow CMS also needs to take care of that!

And for the people that don’t like it? Don’t use it!

Dreamweaver could do all of this 15 years ago!

By the way the client is purchasing the Pinegrow Pro version and I set it on CMS mode in the settings.



@AllMediaLab to make files without extension editable in PG, add NOEXT to the list of editable files:

Static website hosting such as Netlify (we use them for our main site) usually strip out .html extensions from pages.

Re FTP access, I strongly feel that it is a dangerous way of uploading files to the server. So easy to make a mistake, especially if clients are doing it. It is better to setup some kind of GIT-backed flow and setup an icon on the desktop that will push changes. In case of problems it is easy to restore files.

Hi @matjaz,

Thanks for pointing that out!

Is this a new feature or existing one? Because the client purchased MAMP Pro now for further editing in Pinegrow without HTML extensions based on the answer I got here on the Pinegrow forum 7 day’s ago!
Don’t see the problem of a implemented sftp, think it’s easier ten a external solution.



@AllMediaLab it is an existing feature.

BTW. solving this with htaccess is not a bad solution. Files keep the standard .html extension so they can be easily opened locally and every Apache based server will strip them out.

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