Please add Bootstrap 5 Beta to Pinegrow!


Please add Bootstrap 5 to Pinegrow!

Contrary to common believe about Bootstrap it’s the idea to start using Bootstrap when it’s out of Alfa releases. It is called Beta, but the framework will not get any revolutionary changes anymore and when you go to it is presented as the current Bootstrap. Only small updates and fixes will follow that don’t break your design. So it’s save to start working with it!

For Bootstrap 4 you have to click on:

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I was actually asking for the same :slight_smile: Maybe the delay in publishing the next update is due to making PG ready for BS5. Hopefully that is the case

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We are working on adding the Bootstrap 5 support. It is not ready yet. We will also use the opportunity to improve some aspects of working with Bootstrap in Pinegrow. Not sure about the timing. In general we don’t want to hurry with supporting beta releases.