PlugIn not working in V6 anymore

Hi guys,

longer time no see.

Just realised, that my Reginald Plugin doesn’t work anymore in V6. It does in V5.99. Having had the same issue from V3 to V4.

Thanks in advance for any pointer.



Hi @Thomas,
Not sure. Does your plugin depend on any PG functions? I don’t think there was a NW.js change from 5.99 to 6, so it shouldn’t be a chromium engine problem. What broke last time?

Hi Bob,

apologise for not coming back to you way earlier - but am not so much in shape right now.

Furthermore, I have to apologise for “Posting for nothing”. This morning, I downloaded the latest version V6.21. Now what to say? It obviously works (no idea what made me thinking it won’t). Have to double-check this on my (home-office) machine (which was the one who broke), check what version I got there and retry it again.

So obviously a lot of stupidness from my side.

Cheers and thx