Problem dragging css grid handles Pinegrow 5.5

Pinegrow 5.5, Windows 10, i7-4770, 16GB RAM, running directly (not in a VM)
Using CSS Grid, I cannot drag any element’s handle to the 4th line. It will go to the 3rd line with no problem, but dragging further right does nothing.
I can manually edit the style to “grid-area: 1/1/2/4” and it works fine.
If I name the 4th line “main-end” before dragging, then I can drag the handle to that line with no problem.
Also, in the CSS Grid Editor, double-clicking the default 100px in the height control does not bring the popup menu for options. I can clear the “100px” and type in the option I want.

After upgrade to 5.6 the problem is gone.

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