Problems loading Tiki (PHP CMS) pages


I’d like to use PG to customize/create themes for Tiki (PHP CMS), but when I load my site on the localhost I get the following error.

If I press ‘Cancel’ then the page does load, but without any CSS styling, something like when you try to load Tiki homepage in PG.

Any hint what might be wrong?

I’d also like to customize UI of Tiki’s admin, but when I tried to load some of the pages requiring admin password, PG complained about not having permissions to load the page.

So, just wonder how to make better usage of PG when attempting to work with Tiki?

I am not familiar with Tiki CMS, my workflow is to design the website in Pinegrow with UIKit, Bootstrap or plain HTML and then I add it to Processwire CMS. the first time I had the same problem as you, but I solved it thanks to the extended documentation from Processwire and the community by moving the CSS Folder and files together with the JavaScript in a new folder called assets inside the localhost and all this followed by a single line of PHP code to tell Processwire how to link and where to look for those assets when rendering. if you check the documentation on Tiki I guess you will find the API or PHP short codes to fix this problem.

hope this little info helps you identify the issue

Have you been able to see admin-part of Processwire as well?

Thanks a lot for idea where to go… :wink:

I’ve searched the tiki website this morning and I stumbled upon this thread that can help:

you can see how the structure should be made for all the assets. I can’t say it will solve your problem but try it on. with Processwire you get the complete cheat-sheet with php codes for everything so it’s easier to troubleshoot issues.