Public beta for Pinegrow WP plugin?

I’m seeing so much interest in Pinegrow from the WorPress community, but the local client is a major barrier for most. Is there any way we can get a public beta for the Pinegrow plugin so we can get the word out that this is a real thing and that it’s freaking awesome?!?

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just look at Bricks and Breakdance, it just needs to be something that people can test themselves.

The timing is ripe with all the changes in the WP ecosystem, and I’d hate to see Pinegrow miss the opportunity, both from a publicity standpoint and for valuable user feedback.

Let’s open those floodgates :slight_smile:


Yes. It’s high time now. Breakdance is expected to come out of beta first week of next month. A lot of oxy users may be looking to abandon the ship then or will start considering their alternatives if they have not yet already. Many went to Bricks. Many are still in consideration phase. Best time to catch them now.