Question about the WordPress tutorial "Amazing Agency"

Just a quick question. I’m working though the Creating nested blocks and class toggles" WordPress tutorial on WP conversion. At this point in the video, ( it says to select “text-color” in the “supports” dropdown, but I don’t have that option. I only have “text-color=false - disable text color”. I’m not sure why but it doesn’t seem to work as illustrated in the video. I understand that the text color is currently selected by the bootstrap class “text-white” on the parent . Has something changed in the current version of Pinegrow or am I just not seeing something? The rest of the tutorial has been straight-forward. Thanks for any help.

You can also type things in manually, so just type in “Text color” and see if that works.

Thanks Cary. I’ll try that. Just wasn’t sure why the list is populated differently in my latest Pinegrow version.

I don’t know much of anything about WordPress, but that it keeps being updated and changing, and Pinegrow is constantly changing to keep up with it. That video is two years old now, so I wonder if “Text color” is still even supported by WP, and maybe that’s why it’s no longer part of the list that the current program presents.


Please, read the changelog here for more details about the differences in the dropdown options :
and also this forum post here.

The important part being :

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Thanks a lot, Emmanuel. I’ll read it.