Release 5.992 Editor Display

I dont know why, but after loading up an HTML web page, and making a few edits the editor display seems to lose contact with the style sheet and I cant get it back. Tried: closing and reopening the page page, refreshing the page, toggling on and of JS. All that works is closing the project and reopening it.

Hi @billiemead,
Sorry to hear you are having troubles. When you say “loading up an HTML page”, do you mean opening a new page/project, existing page/project, or a URL?
When the editor looses contact with the stylesheet, does it still appear in the stylesheet manager?

There seems to be something wrong with the input focus in the editor. Here’s what leads to trouble:

  • Open a HTML Document
  • Mark some item in the tree
  • Open the code editor, for example for a .css file
  • Type something that opens this little list of code suggestions
  • Press ESC to close the suggestions, focus is gone
  • In case you hit Backspace or Delete now, you will delete the selected item from the tree!

Best regards

Hi @Nullpointer,
Thanks for pointing this out! I’m not sure it is the same problem that @billiemead was facing, but we will look into it.