My Wish List For Next Version

A few features that I wish PineGrow had (new user so I hope that I have not overlooked anything that is already there).

Right click ‘Preview in Browser’ in Project tree – This would allow users to Preview without having to first open file in editor.

‘Find and replace’ in code window – This would allow users to quickly update code pages, I am currently shelling out to another editor for this functionality.

‘Find and Replace’ global across entire Project – This would be a huge time saver for me, am currently using other third party software for this functionality.

Have file system aware of deleted files from within PineGrow – Good safety net.

Allow choosing of Preview browser in Settings – Many uswer have multiple browsers installed and it would be nice to be able to configure PineGrow to use specific ones for specific projects.

Allow setting of default view width in editor – Would be nice to be able to configure the default editor width and have it be persistent.



:+1: for Find and Replace

‘Find and replace’ in code window – This would allow users to quickly update code pages, I am currently shelling out to another editor for this functionality.

Try to press CMD+ALT+F in the editor window.


Thanks @MhdAljuboori. Very helpful :muscle:

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Adding a few additional ‘wish it had’ features…

A keyboard shortcut to refresh project tree - For large projects it is time consuming to have to scroll to the top of the project tree to access the ‘refresh’ menu item

Multiple select and apply styles to all elements - I understand that the next version is adding support for drag and drop with multiple selected elements - but what would be really helpful is the ability to select multiple elements and then apply the same style/rule to them all in a single step.

Allow Pinegrow tasks to complete even when app is minimized. - For large, complex project trees (that contain >500 files) it can take the project tree refresh a while to complete. If you minimize PineGrow the refresh simply halts. Users generally will minimize long running tasks and expect the task to complete, not pause.

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My main wish list for the next version is to have the ability to save Smart Components in a user library, the same way Bootstrap Studio works.

We already have the ability to save any section of any website as a smart component but once the smart component is defined when we create a new site, instead of selecting “bootstrap blocks” we can create a new website with “User Blocks” - so the panel to the left would have all our defined smart components and we start with a blank bootstrap website.

We may have smart components from various different libraries and instead of having to load each library, having the components saved in one user library would be really useful.

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I’m new here, so perhaps some of the below issues have been addressed already…

  1. Need: Save, Save All and Refresh via icons on the Toolbar (Autosave would be appreciated)
  2. Need: Ability to set default file extension (for saving new pages) to avoid the annoying prompt
  3. When adding a new page (while another one is already present) and trying to save it, the focus reverts to the older page
  4. When trying to Set or Use Master pages, omit error prompts even if the focus on the outline tree is not at the top (Because the action only applies in page context anyway)
    5, Would be nice if PG ‘remembers’ the last or default folder location (In some scenarios I even got the PG program folder when trying to open or save a file…)
    (More to come…)
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If you have auto save it should be an option not default

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Auto save:
Save backup files to _pgbackup folder, keep revisions of each file.