Renaming Custom Blocks in Panel

In my custom Blocks (Hybrid Blocks) is in the advanced-Panel the option “BLOCK NAME” visible. But the value is not saved nor reflected in the structure panel.

While the core/group Block can be renamed in the structure panel context menu.

I would love to organize my Block by naming them. How can i enable this option?


Hi there,

This is still an experimental feature, which might change eventually:

If it would be added down the line it might loose support / change meta name with the core update and etc, this as I understand it would not be viable to implement it right now.

I do not understand why experimental features are released in stable WP. There is a Gutenberg Plugin for that… The GB project is a mess.

Yep, whilst they have decided to have this feature & where its should be fully controllable in 6.5 - for now we just need to wait for 26th of March for the stable release.

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