Request: Amazing Animations with PG-Interactions (

Hi Matjaz and Emanuelle (and other pines ofcourse)

Thanks for being a breath of fresh air and making Pinegrow work for adventurous go-coders (no-coders that just go, not Go). I’m very much into css-annimations and interactions and fond of using the more “artistic” approach to web-development, using CSS-grid like Jen Simmons does.

I have found some tutorials from that are just too good to look at, and I was wondering; can you recreate these with PG-interactions? I believe them to be a great use-case to show off how interactions would/could work for visual designers.

Currently in regards to those examples I would say the following.

  • No GSAP 3 support currently, PGIA is supposed to be updated to version 3 this month (mid Sept).
  • No SplitText support (or other paid GSAP plugins) are included in PGIA, currently.
  • Some of those examples use custom JS logic that PGIA has no present interface for.

But users can be as creative as Pinegrow Interactions allows them to be. However it’s not intended to be a 1:1 visual interface for GreenSock’s GSAP compared to what can instead be accomplished with custom coding. Pinegrow Interactions is a limited feature set of GSAP’s overall massive abilities those chosen features are aligned with allowing users a visual approach within Pinegrow.