Saving page on different

Hi, first of all, sorry for my english, I am a french canadian, so please be kind :slight_smile:

I did a page and when I save it on my desktop or on a usb device, no problem, I can open it with de default browser (IE). When I save the page on another drive and try to open the page, everything is messed up with IE, but is OK with Chrome.

Anyone have an idea for me?

Thank you everyone for your help!

Martin Aubry

When you transfer the files are you moving / copying ALL the files and not just the html page itself? The images, css and js if any files? You also need to keep them in the same folder structure and it can make a difference if it the references to the images and supporting files are relative or absolute when referring to the locations.

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Hi Terry,

Thank you for taking the time. Yes, I am copying ALL files. I will look into the relative vs absolute reference, make sense!

Thanks again!

@MartinAubry As @Terry44 suggested all assets should be located in the project folder and linked appropriately (relative v absolute). This is generally the cause of such issues.

Thanks Rob,

Will try to fix that today!

Have a good week-end!

Hi guys,

I’ve check all the link, made sure every asset needed was in the project folder. Still, I have the same problem…

I wonder why everythings works fine with Google chrome, no matter where I save the project, and why Internet Explorer give me that bug only when I save the project on another drive… Here is a picture of the same project open with Chrome vs IE…

Thank you everyone!

IE could be cacheing the non-working project. Close IE and clear the cache then reopen IE and load the file and see if that works.

Open the saved project folders and see if all the assets are there.

If you want IE to for sure for sure load everything switch to absolute reference instead of the relative reference if that is what you are using in your code. If it is absolute make sure the path is correct.

I personally do not use IE so I can’t help you with browser specific issues other than say clear the cache and check the path to the resource files in the code and that the files are physically in the folders they need to be in.

Thank you Terry!

Still not working, but I will continue to search for a solution!

Please, send your project to the support team.