Files started from URL keeps the complete page display

When you start a file/project from an URL it will look exactly as the online page - maybe one of the finest Pinegrow feature - but if you save it will be broken when opened after.
For me its disrupts the Pinegrow’s awesome experience having to use a browser to save the complete site instead using Pinegrow for all the workflow.

It would be way better if the app continues to display the complete site even after saving/open. Maybe it could be done:

  • opening a original URL file will 1. open the URL again and 2. overwrite/overpass HTML and styles from saved files on disk.

I think its a nice solution sine it will still saving only HTML/CSS, but will make the display of the file be exactly equal to the site + editing.

  • OR Pinegrow saving the complete site.

Maybe it can be easier to implement using versioning from a Github integration.

I just saved a website from Safari (it only saves html and styles) but the site page will open perfect in Pinegrow, since it will reference all others files, like images, from the online site. Maybe its a better solution yet.

Try saving the web page in Chrome - it seems to download all the required files and then open the resulting html in PG

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@csfalcao this feature is already there but currently it works only for changing stylesheet not the html part. what you need to do is load a custom css file from your pc and then attach it using manage css option from css tab and add that custom css as file so whenever you add any css to it, it will save the changes, after completing changes either you can write them at the end of orginal css via ftp or via control panel on live site.

Thanks @Simmo and @itsmeleo. I ended using both strategies. I got major problems with Pinegrow website, I think because it uses bootstrap? I had to go the Styles Manager to get Google Fonts to work. In PROP panel the font is listed, but not enabled.

In a regular HTML only sites, it got all the CSS and referenced the images to the online ones. But Pinegrow in my experience will save most files and styles, but not images, what will break the site too.

But I think it’s awkward - if you have the option to open a URL, why you should go to a browser to save and then open the local file? I think it’s best in the future is to make Pinegrow open the URL and “automagically” save the site, dropping the requirement to use a browser.

@csfalcao as those are just reference images so the best approch is save all of you images in the images folder in a folder where you want to save the project then load those images and use save feature then those image will still work after saving and moving the site to live, other option is if you want to use image is use http:/ and you will get the images and they will be there, but images are for DEMO purposes only

NOTE: if It’s not clear what i said here you can ask again fro clarifications :slight_smile:

Thank You!

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