Separate files that should not be uploaded in a folder by themselves

When it’s time to move my shiny new web site to the WWW, it would be nice if I could just select a top level folder in FileZilla and let 'er rip. However, if I do that right now I’d get the _pgbackup folder (or folders in earlier versions) the .json file, and the _notes folder - maybe more. (Same for uploading extensive updates, except I can specify “only newer files”.)

Dreamweaver has a feature that lets you mark files you don’t want to move (it’s been so long since I’ve used it, I forget what it’s called!) but that won’t work unless Pinegrow does the FTP, and I don’t think anyone wants it to grow into a behemoth that does everything, so maybe you could put all of these into a separate folder:

project folder
pinegrow bits folder
bits I want to upload folder

Many Thanks! -David

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Hey David - yes this can be annoying! I also use Filezilla and are you using bookmarks?

After I click the relevant bookmark, I left click the left hand panel, ctrl + a, hold down the ctrl button and left click the folders you don’t want uploaded (so they aren’t selected) and then let the files fly!


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Jack - I’m using Filezilla in a very basic way. I always used Dreamweaver in the past, and that pretty much baby-sat the whole upload process! Since I discovered Pinegrow, I needed another way to upload, and I haven’t really looked to see what else is available except for storing the credentials to log into my sites, drag and drop, and the duplicate file processing. I know how to select which files to upload, it’s just a hassle remembering which ones to exclude.

I’ll have to find out what you mean by bookmarks!

Well at least you made the right choice with the best FTP software and the best Front-End Development software on the market!

As for bookmarks, they are a nice way of quickly updating your website and while I’m sure you don’t need me to explain in full, here is the quick guide!

Visit the main menu-bar, next to Server you will see Bookmarks - browse down to Manage bookmarks

Next click Site-specific Bookmarks then New Bookmark - now give the bookmark a name.

Click Browse - find the local folder of your website

Then click Remote Directory and copy and paste the directory where your website is going to be uploaded, normally /public_html/ or /public_html/

Then in future you simply find your bookmark from the bookmark drop down menu and it loads your local directory in the left panel and remote directory right panel!


Thanks for the great help. I needed a little push to make my workflow a little more efficient!

I didn’t see “Site-specific Bookmarks” at first because I wasn’t connected to a remote site, but I worked that out.

So this is great for where you have multiple sites under a single hosted site - the ftp connects to the main site and the bookmark brings the local and remote structures up to match each other - fantastic!