Site spinner problems with my files?

My client uses Site Spinner and wants to make changes to my index.html, I’m not using any frameworks, just html, css & js.
Any issues in sending him my files?

Hi @kat,
No idea. It might be better to ask this question in a Site Spinner help forum. I don’t know much about it.

I think it must be one of those old web design apps. They refer to html as raw code and the tutorial page for how to deal with it is unreadable, type stacked on text.

Hi @kat,

Just a idea to use instead of Spinner editor for your client and stay in the Pinegrow domain:



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Getting owner to change is a non starter. Believe me I’d love, too. Suspect you’ve been there with clients, too ; )

You did notice that I’m not talking about the regular Pinegrow, but a special CMS edition for clients to edit their website for $ 20,- a year? That you can prepare in your Pinegrow version.

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I figured you were talking about a PG junior.

The problem is that the site owner is “stuck,” and will not change. I’m fixing the external link security problems and giving them the files. If they need help they can ask, but doubt they will.

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Here is the SiteSpinner comment about using what they refer to as Raw Code:

“Compared to titles and text, SiteSpinner will pass on raw code without modification. Raw code is thus best suited to adding banners, shopping carts, counters or other code that needs to be used without any modification. It helps a lot if somebody else has already written it!”

It’s good to know about the PG special CMS edition for clients to edit their website for $ 20,- a year. Any opportunity I’ll suggest it.