Small but significant error in WP plugin tutorial

I know this is nit picking and I also know it would actually be a right pain to correct, but given that it is the very first time that this gets mentioned in the tutorial series it ought really be accurate especially as by the time that you get to this tutorial you may well have worked out that the instructions are more than sufficiently comprehensive to be able to ignore the video. Consequently the fundamental error in the instructions on the very first step is sort of important.

See illustration for details.

@Dom I’m not sure what you are trying to point out. That is the Project panel (or am I missing something and need another cup of coffee?)

@adamslowe Yes your coffee definitely needs to be stronger. Look at the icon to the right of the first instruction. Then consider, as I said , that by the time that you have reached this stage in the tutorial videos you may well have come to the conclusion that the instructions are sufficiently well explained to dispense with watching the video.

This is the point at which you are going to look for the icon you see at the right of the step above the panels (which you will find with ease). You will see index.html, but when you right click it you wont see the context menu you are expecting. As this is the first time you’re being introduced to the panel in question it’s just a bit unfortunate.

As I said it’s a bit of a pain to redo it and it is literally the only error I found in all of the tutorials so I doff my cap to @matjaz for doing such a good job.

Wow, you are right. It took me WAY too long to find that. I’m going to go make more coffee now and I’ll be sure not to operate any heavy machinery for the rest of the day since my brain clearly isn’t 100%.

Good catch @Dom! Fixed, will be out in the next release.

@matjaz A little bird told me you were meant to be out hiking. Get out there and have some well earned rest!

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