Wrong / incomprehensible hint about default stylesheet

I’m new here and trying out the WP plugin (version 1.0.2)
I tried adding a class and the system opens this dialog:

EDIT: While learning in the different sections, unfortunately, you have to add the default stylesheet every time (so see the block classes and add styles to them).

Just for the sake of completeness. Here the stylesheet file can be found after “refresh” and marked as default.
[EDIT: I’m not authorized to insert a second image]


Thanks @Jugibur, please post a screenshot of the dev tools console output right after you load the tutorial lesson Create CSS rules & add stylesheet.

CC @Lava, you have a similar issue of CSS files not being loaded, right? What do you see in the console?

Which browser are you using?

For reference, this is how it appears if CSS files are correctly loaded:

I had this same issue, and the solution was to open the page and not “open in the wrapper.”

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