Tutorial issue - Style panel not showing inline styles for section

Pinegrow newbie here. I’ve been working through the WP Plugin interactive tutorial but have had problems with the css stylesheet and the styles panel. I’m running Mac OS Montery (12.6.1), Laravel Valet and Local for my dev environment, WordPress 6.1.1, and Brave and Safari for browsers. Multiple reinstalls across different environments and browsers but still have issues.

I’ve just reset my installation and started fresh to detect when the issue first occurs.

To recreate

  1. Run Interactive Tutorials from the Pinegrow projects menu.
  2. Complete tutorials 1 and 2 using the “CHECK” option to progress to the next tutorial
  3. Complete steps one and two of tutorial 3 to set the img max width to 100%. The inline style is displayed in the style panel for the img element.
  4. Select the sections element.

Expected Result

  • inline style for the section element is displayed

Actual result

  • error is captured in the console
  • inline style for the image continues to be displayed

Screen shot

Clear screenshot of the console error

Clear screenshot showing that the section element is selected but the styles panel is still showing the image inline style

@MarkH I can confirm a similar issue. It seems that the style panel isn’t refreshing properly. I was also able to reproduce this with a blank project.

@MarkH thank you for reporting and troubleshooting this! Update 1.0.4 with the fix is out now. Please update the plugin. You can force the check for the new version in WP admin - Updates - Check again.

And welcome to the Pinegrow community :slight_smile:


@matjaz thank you for the swift fix, I can confirm that it’s all working correctly at my end now :slight_smile: