So many options, what to choose?

So many options and templates is overwhelming at the moment. I understand HTML and CSS, but bootstrap 3/4, Tailwind, Foundation, Angular, Interactions and Materialize are too many choices at the moment, sure I’ll get to understand in time so no problem.
Would anyone recommend any option other than plain HTML for a simple but responsive informative website.
I’m on a big learning curve but need to get some content on the web for students fast.

Lots of options, but Bootstrap has a pretty shallow learning curve. With plain CSS, Grid and flexbox are really powerful without the need for much of any framework. There is also a lot of minimal frameworks out there like Bulma, but they aren’t built-in to Pinegrow with lots of helpers. Basically, as with any project, getting started is half the battle.
Use pre-designed blocks and then tweak to your needs if you are just about getting content up. No need to build something highly custom.

Getting started with collecting the content (a big part of the battle), doing some of the tutorials which are excellent. Trying to understand what is going on in the background with bootstrap etc. I keep jumping into Atom to edit content and check the HTML. Once I’ve got the basic site up will have time to gain a deeper understanding.
Have to say Pinegrow is awesome, especially in Linux where there is nothing comparable.Thank you.

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I love Bootstrap 4. Simple and elegant. A modern version of Tables and Cells which is what I grew up on. I built my website using the tutorials on the W3 Schools website. Only came onto Pinegrow last year after using Dreamweaver for most of my internet life. Love it as well.