How to make a webpage without any frameworks like bootstrap4, 5 ....?

How to make a webpage without any frameworks like bootstrap4, 5 … ?

I want to make a webpage with only html, css and javascript.

That is to say, Plain HTML

When I watch the video of SummerNights,
the instruct uses bootstrap 4, even if he codes plain HTML.
Finally the finished.html is affected by bootstrap 4.

I want the finished.html to not be affected by bootstrap 4.

How to make a responsive webpage with Plain HTML?


Here you go, select this option.

That’s for plain html…

then you want to make it responsive.
so now you either need to reinvent the wheel and write all your own code with media queries, responsive images breakpoints etc etc.

use a library which already contains responsive assets, such as bootstrap etc that you dont want to do , so have a look at this.

this will give you some idea.

so good luck and have some fun.

others will hopefully give you more details but this is while you are waiting.

Thank you very much, schpengle.

Your welcome :slight_smile:
and oops!

I thought Id listed the major player in all of this CSS Grid.
I thought of it, but… didnt write it! My bad.

And, did you check out Summer nights 2 tutorial? the second series on summer nights, made by @RobM

Also check out the Forums search tool, the magnifying glass/loupe up on the top right corner of the forum for CSS GRID and Flexbox related things.

So the above link shows how to use css grid within pinegrow.
very handy

There are great tools for your arsenal too.

there are now probably far more than I have listed in my complete list -from 3 years ago!
I am afraid I have been very slack on the web dev front for a a while now, so am rusty.

So there you go, sorry I left that out. Still, at least realising I had ,made me add more info for you.
I cant believe I left out css grid.

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