[solved] Blocks are not showing on multisite install

I have a multisite install. I had 7.4 desktop active. I paid to upgrade to the most current version because I cannot get the blocks to show in Gutenberg. I have followed the video tutorials and I have done this in the past.

Can you please let me know if there are issues with multisite? Block Master.zip and the project file is proDelte.zip The files can be found here: Pinegrow - pCloud

I have tried both a plugin and theme export. Each are network activated. I am not sure what I can be doing wrong.

In the case of a plugin, personally, I have not conducted exhaustive tests in multisite mode, but it should work if the plugin is network activated by the administrator.

Note: I just conducted a quick test, and my simple block plugin does appear on the first site of a freshly installed local multisite setup.

We would need more information about your multisite setup, etc.

Were you able to review the files I posted above or can you share your project file so I can see what I am doing wrong?

I followed the video tutorial and I have done this in the past with no issues.

Add any option under the “Supports” heading, in the WordPress Block action.

7.92 had an issue where empty Supports field generated broken block code. We patched this problem with a live fix (through pg.live.js script that is loaded from our server), until the next update comes out.