[solved] running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1& can't install any version above 7.6. Program will not launch

I’m running WIndows 7 Home Premium SP1. I’ve never had any issues with Pinegrow until I installed version 7.72. As soon as I tried to open it, I got the following error…

The procedure entry point SetProcessMitigationPolicy could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

I had to downgrade to Pinegrow 7.6. to get it to run. Any insight from the developers would be appreciated, as I just renewed my annual subscription last week, and would like to use the latest version of the program. Hoping this isn’t a limitation of running an older version of Windows.


@Printninja later versions of NWJS (Chromium + Node.js) that we are using for packaging PG into a desktop app do not support Windows 7. Even Microsoft does not support Windows 7 anymore. Might be time for an upgrade :wink:

You should find that it is still possible to upgrade to windows 10 from 7 for free. Furthermore your existing hardware should support such a move. What you won’t be able to do of course is migrate to windows 11 (although even that might be possible assuming you are happy to run on unsupported hardware).

There are a raft of good security reasons alone to justify a move away from Windows 7 now and you will not find Windows 10 that different (8 was a different story of course).

The really interesting time will be in just over a year from now when official support for Windows 10 is dropped.