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Still looking for these

Hopefully things are getting closer to including in the next PG release:
1.) A site-wide Find and Replace (similar to Dreamweaver’s)
2.) Site-wide updating links or name changes that affect navigation on the site (again similar to Dreamweaver’s)
3.) Allow user to designate a personal library of images (e.g., the ‘images’ folder) similar to the existing “get free images from Unsplash…” in the PAGE menu that accommodates placing user-provided images onto the page
4.) Add PHP includes (simpler process)
5.) Add ‘Copy to…’ and ‘Move to…’ as menu options in the FILE menu with an auto-update of any links
6.) A true File Manager that updates all pertinent hyperlinks if a file is moved or if a link is changed
7.) A built-in, user-controlled FTP capability
8.) Remote-to-local file sync-checker
9.) ability to open and use images formats like .ps, .ai, tif, etc. (especially the “tif” format)


The biggest issue that I’ve had in replacing Dreamweaver is it’s ability to automatically update links when files and folders are moved or renamed so #2 and #6 are of particular interest to me.

#1 can be a big time-saver.

#8 I use a lot in Dreamweaver at work, along with check-in/check-out.

#7 I use this in Dreamweaver so much that I take it for granted.

I’ve replaced Dreamweaver with Pinegrow at home – it’s a great application – but would be very hesitant to do so at work because of many of the items in randyrie’s list.

Have you tested the “Fix links” feature?

Fix links will fix broken links and resources references if you move a page and/or the resource of a page in a different location of your project folder.

Important: Fix links will not work if you RENAME a page and/or the resource of a page.


A rename is far more likely to happen than a move… so “Fix Links” as it exists is nice to have but is not as handy as a “Rename AND Fix Links” feature would be.

Welcome to the forum SteveRB511… I joined about a year ago and have found a lot of help and encouragement here. Nice folks too!

Thank you, earnoud. I seem to have missed that so I’ll check it out when I get a chance. However, from it’s description in the Pinegrow documentation, it doesn’t sound like it would handle very significant site restructuring with moving and renaming files and folders or perhaps even a structure where something like the main page in each section folder being named, “index.html.” (That naming convention was a security issue back in olden times – don’t know if it still holds true.)

Thank you, randyrie. It took me awhile to settle on Pinegrow as my Dreamweaver replacement,and from what I’ve seen of the developers and members of the forum, you all seem like a great group of people.It really helps to have great software that comes with a friendly supportive community.