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I see there was a discussion last year regarding find-and-replace and site-wide updating features wanted in Pinegrow. I hope this is not a dead issue and is still under consideration for a future update. I still love this powerful feature of Dreamweaver CS6 and I still use DWCS6 to open my PineGrow sites to do a site-wide change or update if I change something on one page and want it updated on all other pages on the site.


As so often, I simply do not understand what people are specifically after. So for this reason I’m asking:

So you have consistent elements throughout the entire site? For example a footer which has a copyright 2017 and you want to change it to 2018 appearing on all pages of the site-project?

I’m calling this “component” - super powerful in my personal view! Once properly defined, one should be able to update this site-wide with one click.

But I may have misunderstood you.



Thomas keep in mind, not everybody is familiar with “smart components”, or knows the existence of this feature. There is no updated documentation available for the v4 version, which makes it maybe harder for people to know what it is or how it exactly works.

Like @Thomas already mentioned, Pinegrow has a “smart components” feature that can be used for re-using the same block(s)/components on multiple pages/places. The re-used components are being linked to the “master”. Making changes in the “master” component, will also reflect and will be updated to other copies where you used that component.

NOTE: This “smart components” feature is not available with the “Standard” version, you need Pinegrow “Pro”.

When you build a site from scratch, and configure and use those components from the beginning, it’s easy to maintain and change/update things where needed. But when you have an existing site, which is not build with Pinegrow or didn’t setup/configured those components yet, it can be some work to implement it when you have a site with a lot of pages.

@randyrie Maybe give it a try, to see what “smart components” is and how it can helps you! See for more information:

That documentation is for the older v2 interface, they didn’t have updated docs for the current v4 version yet (work in progress). Maybe it can help you understand how it works, the process is still the same.

See also this for the difference between the v2 and v4 interface (if needed):

There is a little/short video about “editable components”. See Pinegrow homepage and look by features for the section “Pinegrow Pro”, see the first 2 items “editable components” and “Update”, click there for a short video.

@Matjaz I think “master pages”, “smart components” and “editable areas” is maybe a good subject for a next video tutorial serie!

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Wow! Like you said Marf, I didn’t know this even existed. Thanks for the tip about components and the link to its tutorial… I’ll start studying up on them. You’re also right about updating the tutorials… many are out of date and as such act more like ‘teasers’ than tutorials.

@Marf I expect people being familiar with things - especially posting it in the “Feature Request”. Competition is reading our stuff as well - and you’ll find it afterwards in some other docs, PG allegedly not having feature “A” or “B”.

Posting this under another category - “asking if … something exists” sounds much better, does it?



@randyrie In addition to my previous post. They are mentioned in that documentation article, but maybe good to point these out (video tuts).

@Matjaz I want/need to rephrase my previous comment. These video tutorials are available but snowed under and hard(er) to find. An updated serie about “master pages”, “smart components” and “editable areas” for the current version and interface, can give these powerful features some good attention that it deserves. And inform (new) users about the existence of these “power tools”. (I know you have a long to-do list, and can do only one thing at a time).

I do almost all my editing with Atom and it has site-wide find and replace.

I tried using the smart objects but my site was built in pinegrow 3.x but manually with bootstrap 4. Using smart objects was too hard to figure out for me. I will try with my next new site.

I gave up on trying to use the smart objects [er… ‘components’] as well… to convoluted a process for me.

@grahamlander and @randyrie Could someone of you please explain the expression “smart objects” in detail? I’m not aware of them existing in PG.



They named/called it wrong! They are talking about “smart components” like mentioned and described earlier in this topic See this link I posted before.