Stylizer 7 half price deal

here you go

Now, THIS program (which, amazingly I had NEVER seen/heard of /come across-until I did)

was the ONLY contender for my sort of fabled Grail of WYSIWYG web page styling, tools, Along with Macaw- which crashed and burnt , and ran away from Kickstarter, with all the cash, leaving behind a trail of sparks, flaming bugs and promises of yes another bird… Scarlet, …which, also , never flew…

And whilst Pinegrow has now surpassed what this can do, in terms of bootstrap, blocks, wordpress theme dev and many other features, I do have fond memories of desperately uninstalling and reinstaling, deleting plists and all sorts of tricks to try and keep an older trial versions of this going - then waiting until the next would be released, in order to try it all out again!

it was the ONLY decent , visual style manipulating, low footprint, native code design/visual tool out there.
whose interface actually worked!

It was so lovely… oh sorry, am I gushing?
anyway, its half price for a whle and yep

I haven’t heard of it for the past year or two again! but its obviously been getting updated, and might well be worth trying out for those that still hanker for such a tool.

it was a nice experience, very precise and did the one thing well -styling and layout! or, used too. this version, I don’t know yet.
But again, its surpassed by our Pinegrow in many other ways, but its good to know what’s out there and get/inspire ideas.

I hope to try it out again and let you know what its like.
PineGrow and this , were the only Web Dev Apps I found inspiring and made me want to get to grips with them , in order to UNDERSTAND how… stuff worked!

For anyone interested and who wishes to find out more concerning this app, you can see all about it here:

Stylizer -

I have watched this app out of curiosity and it has really changed and improved over the last few versions.

Such CSS specific tools are interesting, whether included in an app (like Pinegrow’s Visual CSS Editor) or as standalone approach like this, or entry points in browser dev tools. I think even people whom code by hand in an IDE benefit from such visual CSS approaches. Such visual tools can be beneficial even when you get to the point of minor tweaks and modifications, or for styling things from the beginning.

As a side note: Interestingly I think the same Joe Billings formally of Freeway (whom have had their own troubles like Macaw) is behind Creatable does not seem to offer any contact info which is rather odd, aside from trying to farm your email address via popup and away status chat. Have you ever bought anything from Creatable @schpengle, what was you experience ?

Well, that depends on your interpretation of buy :slight_smile:


both went smoothly (and cheaply :slight_smile: )
and they often do freebies,
bundles and the like.

All payments are instantaneous through Paddle
_Who I had never even heard of, let alone used, until I had to bite the bullet and put my bank details in,

TO pay for… PINEGROW :smiley:
I think… I know it was some obscure payment gateway, back in the day

oh yeah, and I have never noticed any crazy influx of buy your PH@arma Cheap online or other crap email junk after using their site.
in fact I was pretty gutted to miss this a while back,

I have a very old version of Hype, and I use iStat menus a lot.
and SCreens?
extra icing on the cake for that price really.

Anyway, Ive gone slighlty of the track with that I guess, but just suffice to say they do have some good web/ graphic/ other deals come up quite often and are worth keeping an eye on.
or actually signing up too.

having said that, I am still clearing my way through 1000+ emails, having stopped checking them much around xmas . need to re install a newer Thunderbird on my New High SIerra install, then take it from there again.

oh!! in fact I just found that I still have an older version
5 .x.x.x from july 2013 on here! on snow leopard.

its probably in the last throes of some final evalualtion I had, never finsihed and unistalled and then downloaded a newer version, but was too worried to fire it up , becasue it would expire shortly.
unless I DID actually get it? It was so long ago, but great! I will play with that in a bit and see how it runs wrt Pinegrow and any good ideas :slight_smile:
Just to shake it all up and get creative with it all again :slight_smile:

ah, Version 5 wasn’t so happy with the modern web!

Pinegrow site…


my crappy site my friend murdered with a back to front countdown…

success! how embarrassing.
I could also see where I saved a wrong style in yet another custom.css style sheet.

Must be more creative with my style sheet names

mmmm… now the old version 5 user interface seems rather teensy weensy - but still classy… if wearing glasses.

Alright thanks.

I was just curious concerning Creatable. I’ve never really been an advocate or fan of buying things from any entities whom don’t openly offer contact information regarding themselves.

Anyway, Pinegrow offers ‘most’ of what a person needs comparatively, but I suppose Stylizer has a few nice nuggets or features in there.

Yes, they are worlds apart.
a little like using Pinegrow AND Atom… Pinegrow has a text editor, but…
it also has a LOT of style tools. but…

personally, I would rather put more time and effort into learning and using Pinegrow as it is an all round more encompassing tool - and off course, I enjoy the whole pinegrow ecosystem.
you know, pretending I have friends online and all that :smiley:

but there is a place for some people For Atom alongside it, to power up the bits that Some feel are a little weaker, or think more along the hardcore text editor way,

so maybe there is a place for Stylizer or some other visual tool alongside Pinegrow, for others that think more along the visual way.

Although, tbh, I think the Pinegrow Visual editor has come waaaay along! its pretty awesome!
I am just being happily nostalgic, and For the likes of yourself @Pinegrow_User, its another visual interface/ UI/UX tool to look at/play with.

All good ideas to keep things fresh and visually stimulating.
but, as I just found out version 5 suffers a bit in the modern web.
I have just downloaded version 7 too, I shall play with that when this version 5 runs out.
or I just reboot into El Capitan or Hunky SIenna.

I will check it out for a while just for the same reason I use Pinegrow.
FUN! cant it make the otherwise tedious (to me) world of code, in order to be Creative,
more Fun… ANY… fun?

The one thing to be noted about Stylizer and perhaps similar to Pinegrow. Is that a person needs to know and understand the basics and premise of CSS.

Otherwise visual CSS tools such as these although beneficial to those seeking visual manipulation can be overwhelming to those with little to no understanding of CSS. However such tools can likewise help with learning CSS also, but either may be overwhelming to those just starting out.

Yes. I am indeed always seeking to review UI/UX. :wink:

correct, but it has to be said, visual tools, like PineGrows latest Visual Inspector (once you know the lay out of the sections, and the precedence of using the TWO styling tabs in the right order - Framework tab first (for native frameworks styles) THEN … styles tab…
can REALLY HELP those who ARE learning…

as can live reload tools, dev tools, inpsectors etc.

But the more I was using Pinegrow lately AND reading the docs, and realising the oops! boo boo moments of my approach to the PG interface, and my understanding of how I EXPECTED it to work, the more it started to teach me about what I was unsure off.

SO I will be curious to poke around with this and then return to Pinegrow, to see how they compare and make me think, to check stuff out.
so Off, I go, first emails then that.
CIao for now

mmm and actually thats one of the BIG things I like about Pinegrow.
The docs, whilst somewhat in an odd order have a GREAT PRESENTATION! (when I can find them)
I love the Tone they set.

They are so down to earth, fun , NOT DRY and humourful.
I especially like @matjaz 's vids.