Thank you, Pinegrow!

I wanted to say thank you to the developers of Pinegrow. I just purchased your software after the trial period and am a very satisfied customer. Your software is exactly what I was looking for, with many features not available in supposedly “professional” level software (and certainly professional level prices) from companies like Adobe. Keep up the good work, you are sitting on a gold mine here for web developers!

I had been looking at Dreamweaver, and was researching the subject for a project I am working on and just happened to hear “Pinegrow” name dropped a few times during said research. I am glad I did, and looked it up and found it far superior to Dreamweaver. Adobe should frankly be ashamed to be charging $20/mo for basically a text editor with a half-baked CSS designer. They haven’t innovated their web design software much in the last 20 years but they want to charge premium even today. While Pinegrow offers much more reasonable pricing options for software that is far more powerful.

All I can say is, keep up the good work! You are truly outdoing some of the supposedly “top” dogs in this field and putting them to shame and seemingly they don’t care. Adobe relies on its name for business, you guys can really make a reputation for quality here. Your software is gold for a web developer, you blow Dreamweaver out of the water. All I’m saying is, keep it up!


Adobe has pretty much flopped with everything they’ve tried to do that was web-related. Dreamweaver, Flash, Muse… all crashed and burned. They should just stick to what they do best… Graphic Design, Page Layout and Video Editing. Outside of Photoshop, PDF has been their one great success.