Support for Child Themes

The more I work with PG, the more I think it would be better to have a base theme that has all my core blocks and CSS with a child theme for all my custom work. I’d like to be able to update the base theme for all websites via the standard WP update from time to time.

Could we have a way to create a child theme in PG that does not put in all the extra functions that a parent theme would require? This relates to my other feature request to give us control over what PG puts in functions.php.


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@matjaz Is there really no way to control functions.php? Marking the copy to theme as No won’t even stop this. It’s extremely annoying to get that notice the function has be altered every time I export the theme. Why is the the one thing we can’t control? Especially with FSE out now it’s even more important to be able to control this and remove uneeded item or at the very least make it respect the don’t export to theme so we can put our own file in there that is to be used. -Thanks!