Support for common ARIA attributes

I’ve been doing more accessibility-related projects lately and find myself manually typing ARIA attributes over and over. I’d love to see visual controls for some of the most common ones. Here is a decent list I found

I also find myself using the WAI-ARIA Roles attributes a lot and constantly referring to documentation when I can’t remember the name of what I need.


It’s a nice idea and I’m all for accessibility but I wonder with the sheer diversity of roles and attributes that can exist on certain elements that this would clutter the UI a bit. Pinegrow aims to be flexible and un-opinonated which is a fine line to tread. I’d imagine it’d be all or nothing if we were to include ARIA.

Thank you for the resources!

@fakesamgregory You are right, it’s a very fine line to tread. I think PG has done a pretty good job with other things like Tailwind by adding the most useful controls and leaving the rest to manual entry.