Table editor in Pinegrow


I recently switched to Pinegrow as my principle website editor, but the feature I miss most is a genuine table editor. Now, I’ve had people tell me that tables are obsolete and should be created by other methods. However, tables are part of the specification of HTML 5 and some kinds of data truly are tabular in nature and should NOT flow according to screen size, regardless of how popular cell phones are. The tabular nature of the data is so important that the user should choose the right device to view the data rather than make the data fit an inappropriate device. The row and column relationships are critical to the data. The best table editor I’ve ever used is the table editor from Microsoft’s Expression Web, much better than Dreamweaver. I would love it if Pinegrow had a real table editor that included features of Expression Web like selecting portions of a column, cutting, and pasting that portion a row or two higher or lower. Or selecting blocks of the table and pasting them shifted to another portion of the table.