Tailwind, Really why?!

Ok, Ive been looking into this a bit.
Not too much.
As, it’s bending my head in half.


I mean, WHY!>?

Really, as a non pro, web tinkerer, this really really looks like a lot of stuff I really dont want to have to do, post css, build tools… installing NPM on someone elses computer Im currently using…lots of Config files,

… to end up with a pile of ,what looks like … inline classes!

I am struggling to find the real overall advantage of this malarky, over,
for instance… inline styles
Your own styles
I could go on.

It just looks way too complex (not complicated)
for simple web pages

…simple styling.

Could someone show me some whizz bang wow of using this as frankly Im underwhelmed.
Its awesome that PG has new tools, but I think this one might be superflous to my requirements.
I cant even figure out HOW to use it in Pinegrow…

on our PG website, with regards Tailwind, under the heading

its Your workflow

we have

Tailwind Visual Editor works with your existing web projects and integrates into your workflow. Tailwind Visual Editor opens and saves standard HTML files. It makes no assumptions about your build process, so you can use it CDN, PostCSS, Gulp, Webpack and so on.

whcih sounds kind of promising, and I know PG uses Node… but… do I have to install NPM?
As I cant on this machine right now.

And this one

under method 1, install from cdn then says

Unfortunately going down this route will lock you out of a bunch of functionality that you may want to familiarize yourself with including:

  • Unable to customize the default theme
  • Unable to install third-party plugins
  • Unable to use directives
  • Unable to enable features (ie group-hover)

so, yeah…
How, what is actually required, WHY>?.. it just seems a convoluted way to end up adding a tonne of writing/utility classes…
Im bemused.
I dont quite get the whole thing.

Thanks if anyone takes the time to help out with this or point out some decent explanatory resources.

i’m not going to dive into it, because it doesn’t seem like something i would need.

the traditional separation of markup and style, is fine with me. even frameworks like bulma are too limiting even with their modest footprint compared to something like boostrap.

i’ve not really tried applying my “style library” to any other projects yet… but if i do, i expect i’ll still change some things and all that can get messy in a corporate or team environment.

atomic was another one of these “pre-built” architectures that seemed like over thinking it for what i was doing.

Ah ok cheers, Yes Im currently looking at

ive found the Tailwind devs original proposal of this concept here

and checking out

…and as usual,
this means I am spending far longer browsing about and tinkering with tech that is supposed to enable the creativity…which I have no time to do because I am tinkering with tech and… rinse and repeat…

mmmm, just wondering how to even use this in Pinegrow.

I create a new project,
I select a tailwind file
I check the library, I see no tailwind things, only plain html
I just had simple div and image,
I check class styles… it says none are defined and only work when a tailwind project is loaded… mmm

yes, tailwind is activated.
Cheers Devs :slight_smile: <3

ah.... bg-yellow-500

I may be onto something…