Why use Tailwind CSS?

I’m a designer and I feel that the Pinegrow interface lets me do everything I need with normal css. I just don’t see the advantage in using Tailwind, can anyone explain the key benefits?
Is it faster at runtime?

There are many benefits to it. But it all comes down to preference. You will hear how it goes against the principle of separation between CSS, HTML and JS. People don’t like it in their HTML because it becomes a little messy. But if you use it long enough, it actually becomes a strength when searching for something, and you don’t have to change between style sheets.

It is very easy.

You can build complex websites. (anything you do with plain CSS)

It’s maintainable, making it easy for you and other developers to work on the same project. It is basically like a design system from Figma but just the code equivalent.

It also has a design system in Figma if you design and develop by yourself, making the whole process easier.

It shines when used to create components and has many third-party component libraries available.

It uses JIT, so after you finish, all the unused classes are excluded, leaving you with a smaller CSS file

It doesn’t take much configuration to get up and running, especially with pinegrow.

But if you use CSS sass and any combination and it’s working, there is no reason to change. Maybe try open-props or something else.