Dreamweaver refugee - Hi

I’ve been an amateur Dreamweaver Developer for many years and quit when they went to a monthly subscription. My last purchase was the CS6 Creative Suite. I’ve been looking for a replacement for years so hoping PineGrow might be it. If I choose this, much hand-holding will be required :slightly_smiling_face:!


Hey @HockingWebGuy!
We are an embracing community - holding hands is what we do!


A lot of resources are available on the Pinegrow channel on youtube and a community if you need more help.

All you need is dedication and you will be deploying websites and more in no time.

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I was with Dreamweaver from Day One and followed it through onto the Cloud. Good program but a tad expensive for my purposes. Pinegrow is better, I think. A bit more WYSIWYG and I like the work platform which really comes into its own on a large screen.

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I too am a refugee from Dreamweaver. I am NOT a code-head or a web developer, but I am in charge of our companies web site - so I had to dive right in.

While I am no where as talented as many here in the forums, as a self-taught PGer I have found that using ATOM with PineGrow makes up for many of the missing site management tools that Dreamweaver does so well.

ATOM fills the gaps for a global spellchecker, update links site-wide, clean-up code, WW3 validation etc. While you will need to install a few add-ons, I think it is worth the time. I have just scratched the surface of what it can do.

A brief intro here: Atom and Pinegrow Web Editor, the Perfect IDE for the Web

If you are interested in seeing my “almost ready to go live” work project: CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund