UIkit Usage/Tutorial/Blocks/Integration

Hey All,
Over on the Facebook group someone asked about the UIkit framework(free). This framework is fairly nice for putting together dynamic pages with Vue.js, but can also be used as a stand-alone static page tool. The people who made this also make a WordPress theme (paid) that looks really sexy.
If there is enough interest I’ll put together a small tutorial on using the free framework with PG. At least one person posted here (@m-artin) about the framework last year and two people have shown interest on FB. Also, if there is enough interest I might put together some block resources.


I discovered Uikit about a year ago and since it’s been my one and only framework I use with Pinegrow. the only thing missing is drag & drop ready components, but you can still use drag & drop Plain HTML from the sidebar and add the Uikit uk-* specific classes from the class manager. at this moment I don’t have any spare time to come up with a tutorial so if @RobM can jump in with tutorials would be great. Uikit also has this great animation options with adding only classes to the html elements and it’s without touching any JavaScript.

I started writing a framework plugin for uikit complete with scss compiling and variables and all. Maybe I’ll try and finish it up. It has many of the easier components as well as most of the common parameters.


I’m going to keep going on mine. It has been a good learning opportunity. Who knows if I will finish it, though!!!

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I am just curious if it is recommended to use some CSS framework which is not explicitly supported by Pinegrow (it practically means only Bootstrap, since Foundation’s development since be a bit stalled and there are no news that Pinegrow will add support for some new ones)?

It is possible to use most any framework with Pinegrow. Bootstrap is facilitated by PG, but setting up a different framework isn’t that hard. I’m planning on writing a tutorial about using UIkit including the Sass component soon, but the tutorial should be generalizable to any framework.


following this!!!

I would love to see a tutorial about how to integrate Uikit in PG, thanks Rob!