Unable to Close Missing XML tag with *edit Code* in 5.21

Hi, just Opened up a mates beginners site, and Pinegrow pointed out 2 errors.
I can *edit code for one of them,
the other, which is missing a closing XML tag - I cant!

It keeps selecting the final Angle bracket ,wont go to the end of/past it, and then
if I deleted it,
and select undo Cmd+z,

PineGrow helpfully informs me
nothing to undo and I cant add it back either!

Yes, Pinegrow has a lot of trouble with incorrect html, xml, javascript including missing or incorrect close tags. Not sure if it is because Pinegrow is node.js based or what.

yes, it used to be that missing MAIN Html tags, like HTML or BODY

totatlly buckled it!
Ie, Empty tree, stuff really rendering weirdly.

Not noticed that for a while though.
I might have to experiment

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you correct the file outside of PG, and then open it in PG?

HI there.
Well, I just checked this out now and… I was viewing via open URL
So, I cant.
I would have to download the page/site/associated files etc then edit it.

…which I will probably do :slight_smile: