Can't work with Pinegrow and Sublime Text 3


There is a strange thing going on Mac and Windows when I use Pinegrow and Sublime Text 3 on the same project and have the same page opened. When I save the page in Pinegrow the closing tags </body> and or </html> are suddenly missing.

I had this problem for the last couple of weeks that those closing tags were missing, but didn’t think it was Pinegrow causing it.

I tested it on Windows 10 with the same project and the same thing happens there too.

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Maybe it’s related to this…

Are you sure that the syntax/structure of your html page is 100% correct, no missing (closing) tag(s) or other code issues somewhere…??


Yes I checked the HTML with the Pinegrow checker and there are no errors. They are PHP pages.

Did check it again with Sublime and it detects multiple errors.

The fact that it deletes tags because there are errors on the page should not happen!

The validation results of two identical pages in Sublime Text 3 and Pinegrow:

After taking the errors out detected by Sublime Text 3 the issue is gone.

This means that the HTML validation doesn’t function proper or that it doesn’t work proper on PHP pages with PHP includes.

Still strange that the issue happens with HTML errors on your page!

I guess I have to correct all of my 50 pages now :unamused:

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