<Inline namespace Tag bug

Hello there, again, me, in the bug channel…

If you use Pinegrow to view the remote file at


and view the page source for kauri.html
you will find that the line

<inline nameSpaceName="Kauri" mapDEFToID="true" ' url="youngkauri.x3d" '>

throws a wobbler as it is looking for a closing tag for the inline tag.

lots of orange warning boxes about errors when editing and saving other things from that point on, a bit confusing.

I checked

and I see the line

<inline nameSpaceName=’foo’ url=’someScene.x3d’ />

where they close off the inline with a trailing “/
I tried that.
It no workie when we have DOCTYPE html I think.

Or is it not a bug and I should have done something a bit differently?
Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @schpengle,
When I look at that code I’m actually getting errors on subsequent lines. It seems like the Pinegrow linter does not like capital letters in tags. My guess is that it is an old CodeMirror hangover from xHTML. This problem should be going away soon. :wink:
These errors are just linting errors. THey shouldn’t impact code interpretation or display.

Fingers crossed, would be good to not see the error icon when tags are in caps, it’s still valid html! Hopefully an internal editor update is coming :thinking:

well, not so much just the CAPITAL letter as It was just looking for the closing tag for the inline/Inline tag.

Not present, so ALL tags/linting goes bonkers from that point on.

Yes, new code editer…with ctrl Z on currently open file (not applied to all the others) would be nice.

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