Up & Running...Design Questions (2)

**OK…**up & running…

[forum administrator…please remove my previous post…(Additional HTML (& other) Templates…if I purchase the app…? )]…because:

I purchased the app (Pinegrow Pro); & have been somewhat successful in beginning to re-design my site from scratch (using the jumbotron template)…this is what I have, thus far:


2 quick questions:

  1. How can I place an image (our area logo) at the left end of the header block (the area at the top in gray, containing the title)…(& how can I reduce the size of the title’s text, so as to accommodate the placement of that image)?
  2. I set a max-width (1280) to the container holding the 3 text columns, hoping that the white area would be limited to that max-width…so that the background image (sky & clouds) would show to the left & right of it…but I guess I’m lost here. How is this accomplished?

thanx so much,


@mark4man answer to question 1: add an image inside the link and use the title as the image alt text then delete the title text. This would be the way I’d recommended to do it and is helpful when it comes to SEO.
<a class="navbar-brand" href="#"><img src="path_to_image_file" alt="Burlington County Area of NA"></a>

Question 2:
Remove the background colour from the body class in your css. Then add a new class to you main container, call it whatever you want but for semantics it should be something relevant and add background-colour: #fff to it. This should give you something like the screenshot below. You will probably want to adjust the padding as well on the new class that you’ve added to the main container.